Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fasting Discoveries—While AWOL from Facebook

Fasting Discoveries—While AWOL from Facebook
While AWOL from Facebook: Fasting, Part 2 

It’s been two weeks since I set out to surgically remove Facebook from my daily routine. You may think it extreme; it is. Cutting out my Facebook surfing time was difficult but necessary. I needed the break.

Is it forever? I don’t think so.

But taking the hiatus was a good thing to do and the discoveries I made while unplugged—helpful.

I learned that:

  • Facebook isn’t going anywhere.
  • Checking Facebook multiple times a day isn’t necessary.
  • Most of the messages lit up in my toolbar aren’t important.
  • I get a lot more done when I ignore Facebook’s presence.
  • People who need to reach me know how to find me.
  • I need to use Facebook for my ministry, but I don’t need to be tied to my timeline.
  • I can take advantage of pre-scheduled posts to be more hands-off during the week.
  • I can get by without a news feed.

For those of you who write or speak, you constantly hear you need to:

  • Build your platform 
  • Create a web presence 
  • Be visible

But, how many hoops do we need to jump? 

I can’t help but think that God is able to open doors that no man can shut…and shut doors that cannot be opened. God is my agent. He is the one who causes kings and rulers to rise up…and ministry leaders to shine.

So, the power that indwells me—the same power that raised Jesus from the dead—will equip me to do all God asks because:

  • His ways are not my ways.
  • He confounds the strong and raises the weak.
  • His Holy Spirit is my ghost writer.

And I trust Him with every part of my being that His plans for me will succeed when I listen to His voice and respond to His timing.

Facebook is a frail, human institution that is not all-powerful. 

Facebook's ever-changing algorithms cannot compete with my immutable God (Click to Tweet) —the One who is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

He is known for parting Red Seas, toppling city walls, healing the sick, raising the dead, calling those who will hear, to follow Him….

And, He will establish my ministry in His way and His time. 

I often have presupposed ideas of how things are going to turn out, but His ways are ALWAYS more amazing.

I don’t want to miss His miracle because it doesn’t look like my preconceived idea.
  • It didn’t work for the Jewish or Roman rulers.
  • It didn’t work for Jesus’ brothers.
  • It didn’t work for Judas.

God works the most miraculous things when we refuse to keep Him in a box. 

Fasting Discoveries - While AWOL from Facebook
I know all this. Yet, I can fall into being a sheep and following the herd. Doing what everyone else is doing. I need to be reminded that I am me.  

Fasting Discoveries - While AWOL from Facebook

And the most wonderful thing is, God has created me to be just the right person to do the things He needs done in my world. My story. My personality. My gifts and talents—and yes, even my weaknesses are all known by Him.

I am unique.

Fasting Discoveries - While AWOL from Facebook

And, He has created you a one-of-a-kind too.

Fasting Discoveries

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Hopes for My Facebook Fast

Fasting isn't for sissies. And fasting isn't ALL about food.

My Hopes for My Facebook Fast
This past week I decided to fast from Facebook.  (Click to Tweet)

For those of you who are raising your eyebrows, bear with me. For those who aren't, I know you understand.

Facebook is a time robber

Facebook is like sifting through gobs of garbage to find a gem

Facebook isn't the only way I can contact people

Facebook has news that isn't news, and truth that isn't truth. Often we find it difficult to tell the difference unless we research every page that shares a link.

I guess I finally decided that something had to give. 

I found myself scrolling through the news feed much to often and really am not gaining anything of real worth. 

Out of boredom? Maybe.
Because I crave interaction? Getting warmer.
Because I desire the connection and kudos of others? Bingo!

If any of you struggle with this too, I would love to hear from you.

I have way too many things to be attending to and taking a break from Facebook is a good idea.

My hopes for my facebook fast
I am designing a new website.

I am writing retreat messages for this fall.

I have two book projects in differing stages of un-doneness.

Not to mention clutter that has taken over areas of my house like uninvited house guests.

Just a note: I have tackled much of the clutter and it feels like a burden lifted.

Someone suggested I put a dollar in a jar for every hour I resist the temptation to check Facebook. Not sure I have enough dollars for that plan, but I do plan to reward myself for the productivity increase I anticipate.

Any suggestions?

In the meantime, the Lord has whispered a word during my quiet time I would like to share with you. 

If we know Christ we are called to be:

  • Ambassadors
  • Ministers of Reconciliation


What might that look like for you? 
I can tell you that I am doing lots of thinking about it.

Here is an free image you can share:

I'll keep you posted on the the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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